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The Real Deal

Mondays & Wednesdays 4pm-6pm Est on universe Miami Channel

Dj Double ii

Adrian Caraballo, famously known as the DJ Double ii, is an exceptional class of entertainer. More than 15 years of his experience has formed his instincts plus give him a capability to blend with any mass of crowd and supply to any melodious taste.

He provided an excellence entertainment opportunity in the opening for the worldwide recording artists such as QuestLove, Big Sean, Wu-Tang Clan and much more. DJ Double ii is presently one of the Pro DJ’s and the best DJ chosen by the Carnival Cruise Lines. He also remains the best and a tenant entertainer of Resorts World Bemini. Adrian Caraballo or DJ Double ii has traveled around the world working for Carnival Cruise Lines as a professional DJ. He is also a DJ Instructor at the Miami Media School.

DJ Double ii started his entertainment career after being deep influenced by the creative DJ’s namely Kid Capri, Jazzy Jeff, Tony Touch, Premier and Funkmaster Flex, also the AM and A-Track. DJ Double ii obsession for music has resulted to serious schedules that are not only about DJing but also about hosting, recording and producing music and also including as a recording engineer. He was also added into the list in the 2012 Strathmore’s Who’s Who Registry and was considered as the best DJ in the world. He also worked with the award winning guitarist in Grammy, David Cullen.

His eagerness for entertaining people and making them feel good is fueled by the capability to be in motion, the crowd. He takes a huge quantity of pride in parting any group that is pleased with his works. He works with some of the best DJ’s in the world and working with a radio show on and Having and receiving a good and excellence response from the crowd is a sign and a confirmation that the job is well done and the crowd is satisfied for DJ Double ii. From the moment he puts on his earphones or headphones and started to get on his work, he felts that he is at home and he is comfortable enough with it.

Audience, the mob and the crowd really enjoys the work of DJ Double ii. They are satisfied and get moved by the work Double ii is making. DJ Double ii is the right one that could fit your style and needs. He plays all the songs in your list and mixing it with the current music with a perfect blend that keeps the crowd on moving and enjoying the party or any occasion.

DJ Double ii is easy to work with and he always stays true to his style. His services are great and really worth it, his style for music is the very best choice. He is one of the kinds when it comes to hosting and DJing, you will be satisfied with all his work.

Mimi Monroe

Mimi Monroe Universe Miami, UNTV
Mimi Monroe is A Radio Host Personality from Miami,FL. She is originally from Cuba.Coming to this country at an early age not knowing a word of English was very challenging .She overcame the language barrier and got her start writing poems and songs. She found a passion for fashion and entertainment at an early age. Mimi and her family moved from Orlando to Miami at age 7. That’s where Mimi’s mother saw her potential at an early age and enrolled her in ballet class and talent shows. Mimi won several Talent shows and became Scholar in the Athletic dept. She grew an ear for music as she would listen to the radio . Mimi looked up to On-Air Personality’s like Angie Martinez & Dj Laz. In 2008 she enrolled in Connecticut School of Broadcasting ,where she learned everything from how to work on the radio too.
How to work a production set and decide that she was going to be part of the entertainment industry. While she attend school she was also a promoter on Southbeach. As a promoter she got to meet and interact with big artist like Chris Brown, Wale, And Tiana Taylor. Mimi graduated from Connecticut School of Broadcasting with High Honors. After graduating she got an internship at Clear Channel with DJSama on 93.9 Mia. DJSama is a Legend in the radio community. He mentor Mimi and let her know the in’s and out’s of the radio Industry. Unfortunately her career went on a hiatus due to her father’s illness. So she decide to take some time off and be by her fathers side. Expectedly things took a turn for the best and her Father got better. In 2014 Mimi won a Scholarship thru 103.5 TheBeat to attend Miami Media School. Now Mimi Monroe has her own Show on dagr8fm called “The Situation” with her host Ricky Vasquez & Dj Kojack. In 2015 she was offered a position in Miami Underground radio, ran by the Program Director of MiamiMedia : Vic Mendez. Mimi Monroe looks forward to begin a pioneer in this industry.

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