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4ManKind TV

4ManKindTV is dedicated to promoting creative artists with a focus of spreading positivity. 4MK represents an energy force of humanity, giving back to the community which inspires us everyday. Bottles Give Thanx Belafonte and 4MKTV invite you to tune in to their broadcast every Tuesday to start off your week right! Watch from your computer, your phone, or catch the repeat episodes at

Watch LIVE on Universe Miami TUESDAYS 6-8pm Est

Bottles Give Thanx Belafonte

Bottles, Universe Miami, UNTV, 4MKTV

Bottles Give Thanx Belafonte is an Artist and Event Host that represents the voice of the people. He has written for publications such as “The Urban Release” Magazine based in California. Give Thanx hopes to inspire others to take action for their communities and the beliefs they hold to be just and true. As a weekly Reporter for “Styles From The Underground” on Universe Miami, he currently works under the alias of “Broken Glass Everywhere”. He contributes his time as a Community Activist and Motivational Speaker on behalf on Mankind. As a solo artist and member of the music group “4MK”, he understands the dedication it takes to pursue a creative passion. Give Thanx is the creative Founder of “Auto-Tunez”, a show which highlights underground talent and involves artist interviews of all kinds in the comfort of a car! Now, as a Host of 4ManKind TV, Give Thanx plans on continuing to spread a message of love and music that is understood universally throughout the World.

Tami T

Tami T, originally Thamar Theodore, aspires towards becoming a radio/television personality and host. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and living in Seattle, WA for over 10 years has molded her to have an East Coast attitude and a laid back West Coast edge. She grew up performing on stage from singing, dancing to acting but it was not until college, she realized what she wanted to do with her talents. Music has played a huge role in her upbringing with her parents exposing her to timeless artists and live shows at an early age. She began to build her brand as an emcee and hosted a monthly open mic event for three years where she discovered that she loves rocking a crowd. She wants to take her dreams to another level and build her platform on a larger scale through radio and television. The entertainment industry and music are her passions as she works towards becoming a jack of all trades. After receiving her B.A. in Communications at the University of Washington, she decided to attend Miami Media School to expand on her skills and be more desirable in the industry. Tami T is here to truly begin her legacy as an entertainer.

Dj ReRe

Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska Dj ReRe, pronounced ReeeReeee (as in remix) is making her presence known throughout the U.S. ReRe has been djing since 2005, now she is living in Florida and doing live shows and parties across the U.S.

ReRe has djed in places such as many cities in Nebraska, Council Bluffs, Iowa, Mccomb Illinois, Maryland, DC, Virginia, Houston, Texas, Charlotte, North Carlolina, and Florida. Dj ReRe has also djed in Mexico. She has rocked house parties, clubs, parties, fundraisers, school events, non-profit orgs, school (university) programs, emceed events, weddings, quinceaneras, hosted mixtapes and special projects!

Dj ReRe recently djed at Miami’s largest adult expo called Sex on the Beach in September 2012. Carnival Cruise Lines under the DJ Irie Spiniversity out of Galveston, TX. She djed for a VERY diverse crowd of hundreds of people seven days a week. ReRe has recently shared the stage with Sons of Mystro, young violinists from Miami, at Disney’s World Yatch and Beach Club in Orlando, FL. She was recently featured on Miami’s NBC6 “6 In The Mix” alongside the Sons of Mystro in February of 2013.

Just this year, DJ ReRe has recently spun at Miami’s AND Fort Lauderdale’s hottest nightclubs that include Room Service, Dream, Club Play, The World’s Famous Clevelander, Arkadia Poolside at the Fontainebleau all located on South Beach. ReRe has spun at the popular Club Mekka for Memorial Day weekend, Vagabond and the amazing Grand Central where she opened up for Pusha T for an opening act all located in downtown Miami! She recently held a residency at Koppa Lounge in Fort Lauderdale. She also was a featured partner for the I am Femme Fabolous Women’s Empowerment Conference in conjunction with Miami’s Green Fashion Show at the Deauville Beach Resort in Miami Beach, FL.

Dj ReRe also hosts celebritiy world wide conference calls that connects the djs with the artists. Just in the month of June 2014 the calls included celebrities like Waka Flocka and Ma$e.

Dj ReRe also djs for top major brands including Crunch Fitness (nationwide), Vans, Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret, G by Guess and Oakley to name a few.

Channel Forbus

Channel Forbus Pic, Universe Miami, UNTV 500x300

Channel Forbus Started rapping in 1998, moves to NJ/NY in 2003

Self Motivated, self produced artist with a style that defines the melting pot of the country and culture he originates from. Being a multifaceted artist ChannelForbus has had his hands involved with directing and editing music videos, photography, production and even art and clothing design. We have yet to discover his creative limitations, and he keeps pushing himself forward to new areas.

Between his music, videos his style of hosting and even just plain overall conversation, several terms describes ChannelForbus “RAW”, “In Your Face”, “Direct but hilarious” are amongst the few mentioned often. Stay tuned because the future is endless and the best is yet to come.

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